Run The News - Even Stranger Things



Written By Michael Malone

There is a police department in Michigan (East Lansing police if you’re nasty) that is changing up their scared straight program, and spoiler alert... it involves spoiler alerts. 

That’s right, in an effort to target millennials they are threatening potential criminals with spoilers from the second season of Netflix series Stranger Things. 

Cause what’s worse than being stuck in the upside down? Getting spoilers about the upside down!

First they ruin the water in Michigan now they ruining binge watching…ugh!

The East Lansing PD tweeted out this warning — "We've taped Stranger Things spoilers all over the walls of our jail this week. Some extra motivation for you to not end up there."

Screenshot 2017-11-08 23.27.07.png

This would not have in my generation. You couldn’t have done this with TGIF shows. 

“Listen up kids, you better not steal or do drugs or or we will reveal which tooth little Michelle is gonna lose this week on Full House!”

Even worse, imagine our parent’s generation.

“You better stay off drugs or we’ll show you a clip of Fonzie jumping a shark!" Spoiler alert… he makes it. He’s Fonzie.

Well, jokes on you Michigan, those kids already finished season 2 of Stranger Things in the first 24 hours it came out- So suck on that, old man!! You better start printing out spoilers from Mind Hunter. 

We want to hear from YOU. What do you think about this new tactic using spoiler alerts? Comment below :-)