Run The News - Driverless Bus Fail



Written By Michael Malone

This week in Las Vegas, they debuted the first driverless shuttle bus annnnd it was promptly hit by a truck.

The bus was performing a test ride with passengers packed inside it when a delivery truck backed into it. Luckily, no one was hurt... unless you count the confidence people had in driverless cars.

Passengers aboard the bus saw the truck backing up and began shouting "Control Alt Delete! Control Alt Delete!"

Get it? It’s a computer joke… you know when you— Ahhh you get it.

The city of Las Vegas said that it wasn’t the buses fault. It was doing what it was supposed to do. The sensors registered the delivery truck and the shuttle stopped to avoid the accident…however the f*cking idiot, human driving the truck did not stop.

So who’s side are you on? 

I mean - Technically the bus DID stop but it was in the direct path of the delivery truck backing up. 

Look, we all know that artificial intelligence will take over one day and kill us all - we just didn’t know it’d be so boring. 

I was hoping for a big war between robots and humans instead the last thing you hear before you die is, *beep beep beep*

Police showed up and ticketed the delivery truck driven for the accident and the city said that if the delivery truck had the same censors that the driverless shuttle businesspeople had this would all be avoided.

We wanna hear from YOU. After hearing about this failed test drive - does this change what you already thought about driverless cars? Let us know in the comments! :-)