12" Vinyl Album + Digital Download + Autographed Promo Poster = $19.99 (Plus Shipping)


I am doing a limited run of my new album "Live From Tucson" on vinyl.  It also comes with a digital download and signed promotional 11x17 poster with custom artwork from the album.

The goal of this record was to capture that old school concert album vibe that comedians used to put out in the 70's. I remember listening to old Ricard Pryor and Steve Martin's live albums and feeling like I was sitting right there in the audience. That's the vibe I wanted for this record. So, I kept all the little mistakes, off the cuff riffs, heckles... and I'm really proud of what we got. I hope you enjoy it too. 

There will only be 50 vinyl albums available, so don't hesitate - order yours today! 

Happy Holidays!