Here are the two most important things I think Bernie Sanders said in his speech on opening night at the DNC. 

"This election is not about Hillary Clinton, or Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders.."

It's important to remember that you're not voting for a personally. I think sometimes voters get locked into something they like about a person, or personality and ignore doing any research on their policies. These guys know what they are doing. They are professionally trained to get you to like them. 

John F. Kennedy was handsome, and one of the first candidates to have television in his tool kit. So he took advantage of that, he would do more televised advertising than radio. Reagan was a movie star, so he would hang out with other movie stars to show off and you trick you into thinking, "Oh well if John Wayne hangs out with him then, he must be cool." Clinton played the saxophone on the Arsenio Hall Show. Fuck, even Barack Obama got coffee in a car with Seinfeld. 

I'm not saying you have to vote for someone you hate, just do the additional research. This election isn't about how "Straight Talking" Donald Trump is. Or how Bernie "Doesn't comb his hair", or even how "shrill" Hillary Clinton seems. It's about what these people stand for. More importantly, what YOU stand for. Will this candidate going to move this country in the direction you'd be proud to be apart of? We're not going to agree with anyone on everything so don't get too crazy. I don't need herds of people suddenly writing their own name on the ballot. That's not my goal here. 

I just wanted to give you a friendly reminder, don't vote for just a personality. Vote for policies that you have researched and stand behind.  

"The stakes are too high not to vote for Hillary Clinton."

Oh boy... Well, here's where it gets messy. If you have two eyes and common sense you can already see that we are in trouble. Donald Trump would literally destroy our country. He already has asked his VP pick Mike Pence to be in charge of foreign and domestic policy. Yeah... Let that set in for a second. So you're not voting for Trump even, you're voting for Mike Pence which I don't know if you know anything about him but, FFFUUUUCCCKKKKKK!!! 

Donald Jr. explained that his father’s vice president would be in charge of domestic and foreign policy.
— Kasich’s adviser
Donald Trump mocking a New York Times reporter's muscular disorder.

Donald Trump mocking a New York Times reporter's muscular disorder.


Michael Richard "MikePence (born June 7, 1959) is an American politician and attorney. He has been serving since 2013 as the 50th Governor of Indiana. You remember Mike, he was the guy agreeing that Gay people shouldn't have the right to buy wedding cakes and pizza! Yeah, Mike... He also voted to debunk Planned Parenthood and make abortions illegal. Great guy! You'd love ol' Mike. 


*Anti-abortion and a longtime critic of Planned Parenthood.

*Pence was at the center of intense controversy over whether Indiana’s "religious freedom" law was anti-LGBTQ.

*Pence still argues that "smoking doesn’t kill."

*Pence was an early advocate for the tea party movement.

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And those are just some of the highlights... The point is this. You're mixing Pence's Anti-Abortion laws, enforcing Religious Freedom Bills and reversing Gay Marriage with Trump's stance on the deportation of Muslims. His plans on building a wall, his public and very pandering refusal to support the #BlackLivesMatter movement. His views of heroism towards leaders like Putin and Kim Jong Un. His lack in faith in the US Military and disconnect with women's issues, views, anything really involving women at all. I mean, this is what we are up against. 

Donald Trump said he was going to build a wall, well he already has. He just keeps building them. He has been putting walls up between the American people and we didn't even notice. We were too busy stacking brick by brick ourselves. Donald Trump isn't a great leader, he is a great distracter. The greatest magician to ever live.

 Trump keeps providing these amazing illusions but yet never revealing how he's gonna do it. "You wanna see me pull a rabbit out of a hat? I'm gonna do it folks!" The crowd chants and cheers.... And then, he never does it. He just keeps telling people how excited the rabbit is to help out. How the rabbit loves America. Then someone will ask to see him do the trick and he pulls out a deck of cards instead and moves on.

He keeps distracting us with promises of these incredible feats yet, never actually performing them. Am I the only person peeking behind the curtain thinking, "Hey, there is no rabbit.. There's just a bunch of empty boxes and glitter backstage." He is the Republican nominee and has not spoken one word about one policy yet. The election is less than six months away. How is that even possible? It's like buying one of those clearance grab bags at a store closing and just hoping a big screen TV and jet ski are inside it. Google one video of him explaining one clear idea on how he is going to make any change on any promise he is making. I'll wait.... 

Like any great magician I understand you can't reveal how you're going to do the magic trick but you should at least be able to shuffle a deck of cards right? 

Of course people are relating to Trump's speech. He's saying all the things he thinks you want to hear. He's like a boyfriend who's trying to get laid... "No no I Agree, toupe is a great color for this room. You're the smartest. And prettiest and best kisser and we're gonna paint this room and Mexico is gonna pay for it.

You know how I know Trump is a monster? It's simple. He takes the word "People" away. He says "The Gays, The Mexicans, The Blacks.." Not Gay, Mexican or Black PEOPLE. He has zero compassion for people, he looks at people as objects to manipulate. So I hope all The Chairs, and The Shoes vote for him, because The People won't.

He is playing on America's fears. And I get it, when you're hiding under your bed it's hard to check the facts. So Barack Obama did for you.

The violent crime is lowest in three decades. Illegal migration in THE LOWEST since the eighties and nineties. Our economy is on the rise.  Our military is the strongest and healthiest it's ever been in history. But Trump keeps you telling you how "Terrible" everything is. How we need to fix it. We don't need "fixed." We are already great. We are better than ever. 

We need to come together. It's not about not allowing Donald Trump in the White House. It's about not allowing what he stands for in the White House.