even fish have fathers

Back in the City of Angeles!

I got back to Los Angeles last night, and I have to be honest --It feels SO GOOD to be home! I am just now getting a moment to catch my breath after the "Even Fish Have Fathers Tour," where I did 27 cities in 17 states in four months. I am slowing down the road work for a few months to focus on projects here in Los Angeles, but I have tour dates scheduled in March and several colleges coming up! Check my tour page to see when I'll be near you!

As for being back, I started things off right by hiking with the family over at Runyon Canyon Park. Fraiser pup was super excited to be up in the hills - look at him cheese'n!

Frasier pup enjoying the sunshine at Runyon Canyon.

Frasier pup enjoying the sunshine at Runyon Canyon.

Empty Handshakes & Short Term Memories

another town another show

another person i dont know

when the lights go up and the music kicks on

after the chairs are put up and everyone is gone

whats left is empty handshakes and memories

seems like ive been chasing this feeling for centuries

when im on stage im so alive

the lights are off and im full of drive

all eyes on me no pressure dont fuck up

these voices in my mind they wont shut up

wheels spinning, mouth moving

but am i really the one winning or losing?

another town another show

pack your bags boy its time to go

sitting in empty beds and dreaming

wondering if this is really it and whats the meaning

is this really what im here for?

quick laughs and short term memories

none of these mother fuckers will ever remember me

when im here and im dancing im golden

but when i leave you have another full house and im fold’in

another town another show

had a wonderful time with you all but now its time to go

on to another town on to another show

shaking hands with more people i dont know