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Seizing Sandler

Normally I'm super chill around celebrities. They really don't affect me. BUT, last night I was standing about 10 feet away from Adam Sandler and I totally geeked out.

When I was eleven years old, my mom sent my father upstairs to take away my "dirty" CDs. So, he asked for my Snoop Dogg and Adam Sandler albums. I was so bummed. I tried to fake him out and give him an "Ugly Kid Joe" instead. He didn't go for it. He wanted to hear Snoop Dogg's CD.

My father wanted to hear what was so 'dirty.' So, I played their albums for him. He ended up really liking the Snoop Dogg album "Doggystyle."

Then I played him Adam Sandler 's album "What the Hell Happened to Me." My father laughed so hard that he let me keep it. I remember showing him my favorite tracks and him exploding in laughter. He took Snoop's CD but left me with Adam's and said, 'Don't tell your mother.'

A year later my father died, and my mom set me up with the Big Brothers Big Sisters Program. It's like substitute teachers only for dead parents.

Anyways, Adam Sandler was coming to town for a LIVE CONCERT! I was thirteen and way too excited. My 'Big Brother' Brian took me, and we met Adam. Randomly in the alley outside the theater.

Seeing Adam last night made me feel like a kid again. I was standing just a few feet away... frozen... not sure what to say. It made me think of my father and I laughing in my bedroom. The secrets you keep from your mother, and the humor I grew up on.

I listened to "What's Your Name" the other day with a friend. We laughed just as hard as when we were young. So, I guess what I wanted to say was, thanks for the memories, Adam.

Hugs From Phoenix

Photo by Ryan J Faber

Photo by Ryan J Faber

If you have seen me on tour this fall then you might have heard me close my show on the story about losing my parents. I don't do it every show, just when I feel a certain connection with the audience...It's not exactly a big pick me up finale piece haha

My Stepfather Wayne and I 2011

My Stepfather Wayne and I 2011

Anyways, I started sharing my story in hopes it would show people that you can find laughter in loss and tragedy. Since then, I have received tons messages, tweets and even had audience members share their loss with me after my shows. I had no idea how many people were sharing the same thoughts and feelings I had been experiencing until I began to open up on stage.

Two nights ago in Phoenix I closed my show by sharing my story and reminding the crowd to let the people they love, know that they love them, because you just don't know what's gonna happen and you might not get the chance to tell them again.

A man came up to me afterwards and hugged me like we were family. He told me he lost his mother five years ago that day. He went on to tell me how vibrate and funny and full of life his mother was and how much she would have loved my show. My heart broke for this man. I felt his pain in his words and watched as his hands trembled when spoke of his mother. We hugged again, and then he went on to tell me how much it helped to hear those words at the end of my show as he started to tear up. We hugged once more, only longer and tighter as I let him cry a little locked in my embrace and without judgement.

Comedy has taken me literally all over the world. It's put food on my table and introduced me to so many truly incredible people. Now, it's opening up a new level of connection between me and my audience and It feels so good to be able to help. Even if that means that person gets to escape their own thoughts for a few moments or by letting them know that's it's okay to let laughter echo in the darkness.


Mom and I circa 2014

Mom and I circa 2014

I said it before and I'll say it again, let's not continue to give into sulking in the memories of our loved ones who have passed before us. Instead, let's laugh and enjoy our lives as if they were still right there beside us in those moments. Don't feel like you need to stop enjoying your life because they no longer can enjoy theirs. Carry them with you, always and forever and allow yourself to laugh at a well crafted dick joke every once and awhile. ;-)

Hugs from Phoenix,



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8 Rules to Emceeing a Comedy Show

8 Rules to Emceeing a Comedy Show

Photo By: Peter Greyy 

Fun weekend in Scottsdale, Arizona

What an incredible run of shows this weekend at the Comedy Spot in Scottsdale! Amazing crowds at every show, and I was thrilled to see so many familiar faces! Plus, I got to bring along Frasier Pup, my lady and spend time with our good friend Lou. 

I felt a lot of freedom to experiment and try new things this weekend. So, thank you, Scottsdale, for following me on a personal adventure and going along with my new material. I was especially touched by those of you who came up to me after the show to share your stories. Your support and laughs meant a lot to me. 

Each night started differently, but my favorite riff with the crowd was exploring the idea of Peter Pan. Think about it, a grown man in tights creeping in your kid's window late at night to whisk them away to some "fantasy land?!"

     Kid : "Wait, I need to put on my pants first!"

     Peter Pan : "Don't worry kids, you won't need pants where we're going!!"

...Are you starting to see how creepy that whole storyline is? I could keep going, but it gets pretty graphic when I start describing his little hook.

Thank you Scottsdale, you were incredible as always - I love you. 

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Findlay University

Michael Malone headlining the 12th Annual Comedy Jam at Findlay University.

Thank you, Findlay!

Wow, University of Findlay. I am still on a high from tonight's electricity. Hundreds of you braved the weather for a hilarious night, and it was truly an honor to perform for you. 

The Findlay University CPB is top notch! You made me, my mom and girlfriend feel so welcomed---I can't thank you enough for your kindness and generosity. I'll be rocking the t-shirt as soon as I land in LA tomorrow! 

If you had fun tonight, PLEASE HELP ME BY VOTING! I am a finalist for Campus Activities Magazine's Top Comedy Performer of 2013, and you can help me win top honors! So, please VOTE! It'll take 2 minutes, I promise. 

Thank you Findlay! Thank you Ohio! And if you have other pictures from tonight you'd like featured on the site, click to email them to me!!