Mother's Day

I know I share stories on stage about how fun and wonderful my mom is, but the truth is; She's much more than that. We all think our parents as super hero's when we are young. Bulletproof, and with the strength of ten men. Then you grow up and you come to realize just how fragile they really are. 

The relationship with my mother has changed so much over the years. The turning point that I think we all share, is the moment you realize that they are only human. They are just like you... Trying to make it work, figure it all out. We forget there was a time when they were young and full of hope and curiosity. They stayed out past curfew to go to concerts, dive bars and even had a few walk of shames. We block that out. We think there was no way mom would understand, she doesn't get it. She does.

I played a college last fall and it was "Mother Daughter Night." There was an entire showroom full of awkward moms nervously awaiting to see what their precious daughters were gonna laugh at, and the daughters feeling the exact same way about the moms. I stopped mid joke and addressed the room with the advice to relax. I reassured the crowd that it was okay for both parties to laugh at the dirty jokes. I expressed that I thought it was hilarious that all weekend the daughters have probably been thinking "Oh my God, I can't til Mom leaves so I can get drunk." and the moms are thinking, "Oh my God, I can't wait to leave so I can get drunk." So just be honest with each other. Drink with your mother this weekend. The sooner you are open and honest about who you really are, the sooner you will find out who they really are. You only get one life, so get drunk and laugh at some dick jokes with your mother. 

Now I don't think I'll be asked back to give a commencement speech, but I think I made my point that night. The more open and honest you are with them the better your relationships will be, trust me.

It's hard being a parent, I know because I'm not one. On purpose. The amount of dedication, sacrifice and unconditional love that gets put upon their shoulders is truly unmeasurable. So to all you Mother's out there; Thank you. 

And to my momma; I love you. It's been a long and fucked up road we've been on, but I couldn't have asked for a better chaperone on this journey of life.