Michael Malone on FOX TV

Second Time Around

BIG NEWS: I was featured on an all new episode of "LAUGHS" on FOX TV last Saturday & Sunday night. This is my second time doing the show and it was even more fun than the first time around! We recorded it at the beautiful Pechanga Comedy Club in Temecula California.

I arrived early and hung out backstage with the other comics on the show trading war stories and bouncing jokes off each other. Whenever there is a festival or TV show situation like this where there are multiple comedians under one roof it's always a guaranteed night to remember. Summer camp for comics is what I call it.

"LAUGHS" airs on Saturday and Sunday nights on FOX TV, please check your local listings (Click Here) and support this show. It is such an amazing opportunity for comedians, and shows like this need to celebrated way more. 

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