Frasier pup

Fun weekend in Scottsdale, Arizona

What an incredible run of shows this weekend at the Comedy Spot in Scottsdale! Amazing crowds at every show, and I was thrilled to see so many familiar faces! Plus, I got to bring along Frasier Pup, my lady and spend time with our good friend Lou. 

I felt a lot of freedom to experiment and try new things this weekend. So, thank you, Scottsdale, for following me on a personal adventure and going along with my new material. I was especially touched by those of you who came up to me after the show to share your stories. Your support and laughs meant a lot to me. 

Each night started differently, but my favorite riff with the crowd was exploring the idea of Peter Pan. Think about it, a grown man in tights creeping in your kid's window late at night to whisk them away to some "fantasy land?!"

     Kid : "Wait, I need to put on my pants first!"

     Peter Pan : "Don't worry kids, you won't need pants where we're going!!"

...Are you starting to see how creepy that whole storyline is? I could keep going, but it gets pretty graphic when I start describing his little hook.

Thank you Scottsdale, you were incredible as always - I love you. 

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Back in the City of Angeles!

I got back to Los Angeles last night, and I have to be honest --It feels SO GOOD to be home! I am just now getting a moment to catch my breath after the "Even Fish Have Fathers Tour," where I did 27 cities in 17 states in four months. I am slowing down the road work for a few months to focus on projects here in Los Angeles, but I have tour dates scheduled in March and several colleges coming up! Check my tour page to see when I'll be near you!

As for being back, I started things off right by hiking with the family over at Runyon Canyon Park. Fraiser pup was super excited to be up in the hills - look at him cheese'n!

Frasier pup enjoying the sunshine at Runyon Canyon.

Frasier pup enjoying the sunshine at Runyon Canyon.