Hugs From Phoenix

Photo by Ryan J Faber

Photo by Ryan J Faber

If you have seen me on tour this fall then you might have heard me close my show on the story about losing my parents. I don't do it every show, just when I feel a certain connection with the audience...It's not exactly a big pick me up finale piece haha

My Stepfather Wayne and I 2011

My Stepfather Wayne and I 2011

Anyways, I started sharing my story in hopes it would show people that you can find laughter in loss and tragedy. Since then, I have received tons messages, tweets and even had audience members share their loss with me after my shows. I had no idea how many people were sharing the same thoughts and feelings I had been experiencing until I began to open up on stage.

Two nights ago in Phoenix I closed my show by sharing my story and reminding the crowd to let the people they love, know that they love them, because you just don't know what's gonna happen and you might not get the chance to tell them again.

A man came up to me afterwards and hugged me like we were family. He told me he lost his mother five years ago that day. He went on to tell me how vibrate and funny and full of life his mother was and how much she would have loved my show. My heart broke for this man. I felt his pain in his words and watched as his hands trembled when spoke of his mother. We hugged again, and then he went on to tell me how much it helped to hear those words at the end of my show as he started to tear up. We hugged once more, only longer and tighter as I let him cry a little locked in my embrace and without judgement.

Comedy has taken me literally all over the world. It's put food on my table and introduced me to so many truly incredible people. Now, it's opening up a new level of connection between me and my audience and It feels so good to be able to help. Even if that means that person gets to escape their own thoughts for a few moments or by letting them know that's it's okay to let laughter echo in the darkness.


Mom and I circa 2014

Mom and I circa 2014

I said it before and I'll say it again, let's not continue to give into sulking in the memories of our loved ones who have passed before us. Instead, let's laugh and enjoy our lives as if they were still right there beside us in those moments. Don't feel like you need to stop enjoying your life because they no longer can enjoy theirs. Carry them with you, always and forever and allow yourself to laugh at a well crafted dick joke every once and awhile. ;-)

Hugs from Phoenix,

Second Time Around

BIG NEWS: I was featured on an all new episode of "LAUGHS" on FOX TV last Saturday & Sunday night. This is my second time doing the show and it was even more fun than the first time around! We recorded it at the beautiful Pechanga Comedy Club in Temecula California.

I arrived early and hung out backstage with the other comics on the show trading war stories and bouncing jokes off each other. Whenever there is a festival or TV show situation like this where there are multiple comedians under one roof it's always a guaranteed night to remember. Summer camp for comics is what I call it.

"LAUGHS" airs on Saturday and Sunday nights on FOX TV, please check your local listings (Click Here) and support this show. It is such an amazing opportunity for comedians, and shows like this need to celebrated way more. 

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Saturday Night Live


My whirlwind weekend wrapped up over at the beautiful Strand Theatre in Shelbyville Indiana last Saturday night. I have not been back to the Strand in almost three years, however it still remains one of my favorite venues to play in the country. The crowds there are so warm and welcoming, the staff treats you like family and venue itself is as gorgeous as it is old. 

My buddy Derik "Tugboat" Zooashkiyani drove up from Tennessee to open for me and absolutely KILLED it. I met him a few years ago down in Chattanooga and immediately hit it off like long lost brothers. He has only been doing comedy for a few years but I am so proud of his progress, dedication and drive. You can see him on tour with me this fall on some theatre dates down south, trust me - you don't wanna miss out when "Tugboat" comes to town.

I can't even begin to thank you guys enough for coming out to the Strand Theatre. We almost had a full house during the beginning of a blizzard coming to town. There were 150 tickets pre-sold in a city that has maybe 200 people living in it. Your continued support truly warms my heart and reassures me how lucky I am to be able to do what I love for a living. 

Here are some clips of my one hour special "Casual Sext" that I recorded at the Strand Theatre a few years ago.. Enjoy!

Blurred Motion

Chopping Block is a breezy, charming slasher comedy

Wrapping up a whirlwind of a weekend and a few days of rest. Last weekend was one of the busiest weekends of my career, and I loved ever second. Here's a recap of what I accomplished:

Friday evening I was reunited with the cast and crew for pre-show food and drinks. These hours are filled with blurred motion. Chicken wings, tall beer glasses and laughter are all that come into focus. 

The Chopping Block premiere marked an especially memorable day for me as it's my first starring role in a feature length film. I learned so much with an a great cast and crew, but more importantly, I made great friends and bonds that I am confident will sustain through the coming years and projects.

Everyone in the film did so well, and I am really lucky to have been able to see everyones reactions first hand. Now we wait for the reviews to start pouring in... 

Michael Malone is worth keeping an eye on, especially in this film, which he anchors with raw comic energy.

I'm so grateful for all the support everyone provided. You showed up in full force to the premiere--packed the house and made my first premiere an incredible experience. 

                                                       Click to watch Raymond and I on IndyStyle 

                                                       Click to watch Raymond and I on IndyStyle 



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Listen to one of the tracks from my new comedy album, Thirty One, via Uproar Entertainment. This album is two years in the making, and I am really proud of how it turned out. 

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In case you missed me on FOX TV's new show "Laughs" here I am breaking down the use of Bro, Dude, and Sir and how they change with age. 

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8 Rules to Emceeing a Comedy Show

8 Rules to Emceeing a Comedy Show

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