Chopping Block

Blurred Motion

Chopping Block is a breezy, charming slasher comedy

Wrapping up a whirlwind of a weekend and a few days of rest. Last weekend was one of the busiest weekends of my career, and I loved ever second. Here's a recap of what I accomplished:

Friday evening I was reunited with the cast and crew for pre-show food and drinks. These hours are filled with blurred motion. Chicken wings, tall beer glasses and laughter are all that come into focus. 

The Chopping Block premiere marked an especially memorable day for me as it's my first starring role in a feature length film. I learned so much with an a great cast and crew, but more importantly, I made great friends and bonds that I am confident will sustain through the coming years and projects.

Everyone in the film did so well, and I am really lucky to have been able to see everyones reactions first hand. Now we wait for the reviews to start pouring in... 

Michael Malone is worth keeping an eye on, especially in this film, which he anchors with raw comic energy.

I'm so grateful for all the support everyone provided. You showed up in full force to the premiere--packed the house and made my first premiere an incredible experience. 

                                                       Click to watch Raymond and I on IndyStyle 

                                                       Click to watch Raymond and I on IndyStyle