Malone's Mixtape - March 2016

Here is the official mixtape for March 2016! I wanted to kick things off right and get you moving. I recently came across Lushlife while searching some old Killer Mike tracks. He reminds me a lot like Lupe Fiasco. I wanted to put his whole album on here, it's incredible. Make sure you take the time to check out the rest of his collection. 

Keeping that energy up we cut right to GoldLink. Comedian/Actor Al Jackson turned me onto this guy. We were blasting this song on our tour bus as we rolled through tiny German villages. It's impossible not to have a good time when this song is on. 

Following GoldLink we go wwwaayyy back to one of Outkast's first singles "Elevators." Me and you, your momma and your cousin too were all listening to this song on repeat when it came out. All time jam of the century. Now that we slowed things down we switch over to a little slow crawl funk sounds of Moses Sumney. We keep that nice chill vibe and bleed into a really unquie band called the Japanese House. "Cool Blue" sounds like it's from the future and the past. Really fun and unique track. 

This is where we slip the switch. We go from slow jam funk to the chilling lyrics and haunting chorus from singer/song writer Ryan M Brewer. The story he weaves together in this live version of "The Poet, The Prophet, The Wolf" is absolutely beautiful. 

Next track is from one of my favorite bands "The Head and The Heart." We saw them live last year here in Los Angeles. Such a great show. Everyone should experience a Head and the Heart concert before they die. It's incredibly chill and reflective. 

"Michigan" by Josh Rouse has a special place in my heart. It says all the things I wanted to say to my parents when I moved away. It's not that I wanted to leave, it's that I had to leave. That town was too small for the things I wanted to do. Honestly I tear up every time I hear, "Mom I'm sorry, I was wrong, Dad I'm sorry 'cause I just couldn't stay in that town, Where everyone knows everything about me..."

We follow it up with Bear's Den who is a great band that's signed to Mumford and Son's record label. Their entire album is solid.

"Washington Square" is one of my favorite songs of all time. It's about packing up and heading out on tour. I always like the line "Time is a number, That rests on a wall, And nobody knows me, My friends and my family, Are as far from this city, As Washington Square.." I often feel that way. Just alone out in the world. Far, far away from anyone who knows who I am. Thrilling and terrifying at the same time. 

I felt like Modest Mouse's "Dramamine" is the only song that could follow "Washington Square." It's slow yet engaging. It's sad but fun. It's weird mellow pick me up song. 

Kail Baxley is a recent discovery but now I want to hear everything he's every done haha. His voice is super addictive. It reminds me a lot of the haunting sounds of The National or Sun Kil Moon. 

In an attempt to pick up the pace I slipped in a little Beirut. I think the song sounds like how Rocko's Modern Life looked. We keep the pace up with the gospel anthem sounds of Ben Howard. You can't go wrong with Ben, he's easily one of my all time favorites. "The Wolves" is off his first album which is a bulletproof classic. 

We end things with a throw back "Come on and Move Me" from the Monarchs. Perfect way to end the March Mixtape. It's up beat yet slow. The lyrics are great and her voice is haunting. It kind of mixes all the sounds you heard through out the playlist into one track. 

Hope you enjoy this mix and please let me know what you're listening to. I always love finding new bands. 

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