This is just plain wonderful, Bill Maher talking with Bill Nye about creationism and global warming. 

Bill Nye brings up a great point about believing in Ken Ham's theories as an adult is fine, but what about the children that are being raised to think a certain way with the aggressive push of "People will question your belief, people will try and change your mind don't let them.." by the adults that surround them.

Reinforcing a child NOT to question things is putting a cap on the growth of our evolution and society. Questioning things is exactly how we achieve progress.

Your belief in God (or not) is fine, the problem is when you let it effect your decisions for laws, community and social growth. 

That is the root of a lot of problems in this country. Nobody wants to take your guns and your God away, just please keep them to yourself. Just because I don't own a gun doesn't mean I don't have pride for my country, if I'm gay that doesn't make me damaged, and just because we don't share the same views on God doesn't mean I should be treated differently. 

We will probably never find a middle ground, both sides are two extreme... But please, think twice before you force your children, our future, into a either extreme positioning at hand.