Michael Malone

Episode 14 - Change Ur Narrative

Change Ur Narrative

This week on Advice From Strangers we discuss how journaling can help change the narrative in your mind. The stories you tell yourself about yourself define who you are and the direction you're headed. Journaling can help re-route your path in life. We also talk about what you should be looking for in a partner in all the different types of relationships in your life. Heads up, we get a little political at the end of this episode so if you're easily triggered with politics we suggest turning it off beforehand. 

Disclaimer: We are not in the same studio space for this episode so the quality is a little weaker than usual on this episode. However, the content was so good that we didn't want to scrap the episode. Stick with us through this rough patch and we will be back to normal next week!

Episode 13 - Tell Me More - Part 2

Tell Me More - Part 2 Featuring Chet Wild

This week on Advice From Strangers we continue our conversation with Chet Wild. Chet uses his experience and wisdom to help guide Michael on his quest for happiness. We also dive more into Chet's past therapy sessions and what methods have helped him the best over the years. Enjoy!

Episode 12 - Tell Me More - Part 1

Tell Me More - Part 1 Featuring Chet Wild

This week on Advice From Strangers we invite our friend Chet Wild who is a comedian and fellow podcaster on the show. With Chet's depth of experience and insight in therapy and self-help groups, we dive into personal stories and insights on our own internal mechanics and self-sabotages.  This is part one of a fun and vulnerable two-parter. Enjoy!

Episode 11 - Dear Diary

Dear Diary

This week on a very special episode of Advice From Strangers, Michael learns that Tiffany has a book of journals chronicling the past decade of her life and he finds a very interesting pattern while riffling thru the pages that many of us experience. We also discuss self worth, and self image and the importance of deconstructing the motivations of our power. In place of our weekly challange, we leave you with an emotional cliff hanger you don't want to miss out on. Enjoy!

Episode 10 - Give it Away

Give it Away

This week on Advice From Strangers we discuss the value in meeting people we love in their reality when a situation is at an impasse. We also talk about discovering the roles that we unconsciously play for the people we love and the roles they play for us as well. And as always, we have another boundary-busting weekly challenge - Enjoy!

Episode 9 - Boundaries


This week on Advice From Strangers we talk about the difficulties and importance of setting boundaries in our relationships. Michael reads an excerpt from "The Sublet Art of Not Giving a F*ck" about exploring emotional responsibility. We also discuss the final week in two infamous retrogrades and of course, we share a brand new weekly challenge. Enjoy! 

Episode 8 - The Change Up

The Change Up

This week on Advice From Strangers we discuss the emotional roller coaster and thought process behind creating a new and improved you. Michael shares his struggles with his new therapist and of course a brand new and exciting weekly challenge.

Episode 7 - Adjust Your Metrics

Adjust Your Metrics

This week on Advice From Strangers, Michael and I share some insightful material from the books we are reading. We also talk about the importance of authenticity and honesty with ourselves despite the social pressures of life.  I dive into the spiritual world and break down the current five planet's retrograde. Plus, we give you our most powerful weekly challenge yet. Enjoy!

Episode 6 - Premonitions


This week on Advice From Strangers we talk about our experiences seeing a psychic, the current troubles in our collective consciousness and constructive ways to look at our actions in order to make better choices moving forward. Enjoy! 

Episode 5 - Fear and Love in Los Angeles

Fear and Love in Los Angeles

This week on Advice From Strangers, we talk about how fear often stops us from making the progress we so desperately want and need to help shape who we are. We also share some insight on why loving ourselves and taking ownership of our own lives is so powerful. Plus an all-new weekly challenge - Enjoy! 

Episode 4 - Visualize This

Visualize This

This week on Advice From Strangers, we dive into Tiffany's past and discuss how to use tools of compassion, forgiveness, and reflection to gain control over your life in the now. We also talk about perspective and the power of emotional visualization to give yourself the proper lens through which you can more clearly see what steps to take toward your goals. Plus, we have a fun and potentially life-changing new weekly challenge!

Episode 3 - Inward and Onward

Inward and Onward

This week on Advice From Strangers we talk about the relationship between compassion and boundaries to help you gain perspective and to discern when to exercise both. We also discuss body image and detaching yourself from the negative criticism that isn't constructive. And of course, we have another exciting weekly challenge- Enjoy!

Episode 2 - Let Go and Carry On

Let Go and Carry On

This week on Advice From Strangers, Tiffany shares about her step father's recent diagnosis and we discuss how to prep for the grief and healing that goes along with losing a loved one and what you could be doing now to prep in your own life. We also talk about Dr Joe Dispenza's interview on the tv show, Impact Theory and how we should be turning old habits into new beginnings. There's also a brand new weekly challenge waiting for you - Enjoy! 

Episode 1 - Congratulations Ur Depressed


This week on Advice From Strangers - Tiffany takes MDA at Disneyland. Michael goes to his first therapy appointment. We dive into what depression is and the signs to look out for in your own life. We also share some missed connections from Craigslist and create a weekly challenge - Enjoy!