Episode 26 - Blind By Design

Blind By Design

This week on advice from strangers Tiffany deliver a thoughtful speech, we discuss the importance of belief, and dive into the gift in our patterns. Plus, you know we’ve got a life changing weekly challenge. We hope you enjoy the show!

Episode 25 - Food For Thought - Part Two

Food For Thought

Part Two

This week on Advice From Strangers, Comedian and Actress Jenny Zigrino joins us again for part two of "Food For Thought." We discuss the suicide rates among children who are bigger bodied vs those who aren't and how it affects them as they get older. We also talk about how we develop as children to fit into "our roles" in our shame-based society. And finally, we talk about what it's like being a bigger bodied adult and getting brushed off by medical professionals with the default answer of "Just lose weight" instead of actually testing for other symptoms. All that and much more - Enjoy! 

Copy of Episode 24 - Food For Thought - Part One

Food For Thought

Part One

This week on Advice From Strangers we are joined by comedian, Jenny Zigrino (Bad Santa 2, Comedy Central, Conan). Jenny joins us and shares the dangers of blindly going on those trending diets you see online. We talk about how the media markets dieting and body imaging towards women both in our current lives and in the past. We also talk about the mental health aspect attached to dieting as well. All that plus much, much more on this very special two-part episode with Comedian Jenny Zigrino called, "Food For Thought." Enjoy!

Episode 23 - Believing is Seeing

Believing is Seeing

This week on advice from strangers Michael and I catch up about our experiences back home over the holidays and get into some internal discoveries we’ve both made through 2018. At Michael's request, I do a tarot card reading for him and discuss the use of seemingly innocuous divination tools. Also, we have an emotionally beneficial weekly challenge for you - Enjoy!

Episode 22 - Resolution Revolution

Resolution Revolution

This week on Advice From Strangers Michael talks about his recent trip to London. We cover New Year's resolutions and how important it is to start them now! Tiffany shares a personal experience that leads us to encourage you to take emotional responsibility for the pain we feel in our daily relationships. We also update you on the astrological influences that could be fucking up your December. And of course, we couldn't leave you without an all-new weekly challenge. Enjoy!

Episode 21 - Practical Magick

Practical Magick

This week on advice from strangers we get into the patterns that keep us stuck and the mindsets we battle from our hometowns. We also take it into the spiritual realm to discuss magick and how practical it can be when used to create the lives we actually want. And we can’t leave you without another transformative weekly challenge. Enjoy! 

Episode 20 - Dear Diary Part 2


This week on Advice From Strangers we dive into part two of our 'Dear Diary' series where Michael reads random pages from Tiffany's old journals. Michael digs through literally thousands of pages and together they discover new insights to those old entries. Enjoy!  

Episode 19 - The Discovery Zone


This week on Advice From Strangers, It’s the Thanksgiving episode and we’re back in the same studio for the first time in weeks! We get silly and get caught up- then dive into some of our thoughts and deeper discoveries from the past few months. And of course, you know we can’t leave you without a new holiday-themed weekly challenge. Enjoy! 

Episode 18 - Try Try Again


This week on Advice From Strangers we share our current experiences and new perspectives on what to do when you get off track with your personal goals. We also discuss the importance of examining ourselves to notice our bias and resentments before they grow and blow up our relationships. And as always we have another introspective weekly challenge.

Episode 17 - Ghost Me


This week on advice from strangers, it’s the Halloween episode! Michael and I discuss how to talk to girls, share a few thoughts on cancel culture, and get into some of our personal psychic experiences and scary ghost stories. We finish with a word on our current Venus retrograde and full moon in Taurus and a mystical little weekly challenge.

Episode 16 - Trial and Error

Trial and Error

This week on Advice From Strangers, Michael, and Tiffany catch up on new experiences and share some distant memories while Michael is still on the road. They cover topics like mental illness, taking chances, learning lessons, and the importance of exercise in self-care. As always - there’s a great new weekly challenge.

Episode 15 - Cosmic Trust Fund

Cosmic Trust Fund

This week on Advice From Strangers, we catch up on our separate but recent trips to Washington DC and lightly discuss some current politics. Tiffany brings up the idea of putting together a cosmic trust fund for yourself and how it can help build the future you want. We also discuss the current retrogrades and what that means for you and your goals this month. Also, a brand new weekly challenge! Enjoy. 

Episode 13 - Tell Me More - Part 2

Tell Me More - Part 2 Featuring Chet Wild

This week on Advice From Strangers we continue our conversation with Chet Wild. Chet uses his experience and wisdom to help guide Michael on his quest for happiness. We also dive more into Chet's past therapy sessions and what methods have helped him the best over the years. Enjoy!

Episode 12 - Tell Me More - Part 1

Tell Me More - Part 1 Featuring Chet Wild

This week on Advice From Strangers we invite our friend Chet Wild who is a comedian and fellow podcaster on the show. With Chet's depth of experience and insight in therapy and self-help groups, we dive into personal stories and insights on our own internal mechanics and self-sabotages.  This is part one of a fun and vulnerable two-parter. Enjoy!

Episode 11 - Dear Diary

Dear Diary

This week on a very special episode of Advice From Strangers, Michael learns that Tiffany has a book of journals chronicling the past decade of her life and he finds a very interesting pattern while riffling thru the pages that many of us experience. We also discuss self worth, and self image and the importance of deconstructing the motivations of our power. In place of our weekly challange, we leave you with an emotional cliff hanger you don't want to miss out on. Enjoy!

Episode 10 - Give it Away

Give it Away

This week on Advice From Strangers we discuss the value in meeting people we love in their reality when a situation is at an impasse. We also talk about discovering the roles that we unconsciously play for the people we love and the roles they play for us as well. And as always, we have another boundary-busting weekly challenge - Enjoy!

Episode 9 - Boundaries


This week on Advice From Strangers we talk about the difficulties and importance of setting boundaries in our relationships. Michael reads an excerpt from "The Sublet Art of Not Giving a F*ck" about exploring emotional responsibility. We also discuss the final week in two infamous retrogrades and of course, we share a brand new weekly challenge. Enjoy! 

Episode 8 - The Change Up

The Change Up

This week on Advice From Strangers we discuss the emotional roller coaster and thought process behind creating a new and improved you. Michael shares his struggles with his new therapist and of course a brand new and exciting weekly challenge.

Episode 7 - Adjust Your Metrics

Adjust Your Metrics

This week on Advice From Strangers, Michael and I share some insightful material from the books we are reading. We also talk about the importance of authenticity and honesty with ourselves despite the social pressures of life.  I dive into the spiritual world and break down the current five planet's retrograde. Plus, we give you our most powerful weekly challenge yet. Enjoy!

Episode 6 - Premonitions


This week on Advice From Strangers we talk about our experiences seeing a psychic, the current troubles in our collective consciousness and constructive ways to look at our actions in order to make better choices moving forward. Enjoy!