Is Prince Playing Tonight?


Death is a lot of things. It is of course, devastating. Sad. Misunderstood. But most of all, death is necessary. Life needs death, just as the sun needs the moon. Without the darkness and gloom of death, we would be lost in the never ending sunlight of life. Goalless and unmotivated. Like eating a Whopper on a diet.

If every day is a cheat day, then Whoppers lose their flavor.

So, why do we speak of death in such negative terms if it is just as relevant as life? We treat death as if it’s life’s ugly, older sibling. Dressed all in black, locked away in its room listening to old ‘Smiths’ albums on repeat.

People who believe that they are the son of God will warn you about death. They spend their days spreading rumors about borrowed time from a creature in the sky who watches over all of us. Every move. Every motive. Watched like a hawk, and then much like a hawk, the great eye in the sky will swoop down and reclaim it’s borrowed time. Plucking you from loved ones and mundane daily routines.

Mercy hangs over all of us living in debt. We spend our nights talking into the clouds with a whisper, only meant for God’s ear. All of our mistakes and desires evaporating into the night sky. Is this really the way the great Sky King would want us to live? Drowning in fear and debt. Debt that can only be paid in one currency. The soul.

We offer up our soul to the infinite service of the great King who lives above the clouds in hopes that he will grace us with mercy, forgiveness, and coupons for half off pizza. This angers death. He doesn’t understand how anyone could love the Sky King and yet show resentment and hate towards him.

Death is merely doing his job. He too is just a servant to the King. Why can’t anyone see that?

It’s because people view death as being greedy. Many people claim that death comes too soon, but how do they know? There is no expiration date on souls. Souls are immortal. They are nothing but energy and light trapped inside a vessel, and once that vessel is no longer viable then the soul travels on like second class passengers on a Greyhound.  

People don’t like to hear that. No, they don’t really want to know the truth about death. That would take all the fun out of the stories. It’s much more romantic to fantasize about where your Uncle travels after he dies.

“He’s not dead. No, he’s playing cards with you auntie and grandfather in Heaven.”

“Listen close to the thunder kids, Grandpa and God must be bowling.”

My personal favorite, “(Insert Famous Musician) is now playing drums for Prince.” As if there is some super band performing night after night in the great kingdom above the clouds.

The truth is, energy cannot go bowling, or play Uno...or the drums. Energy can only do one thing. Live on.

But people don’t want to hear about life after death, it’s too heartbreaking. We are too selfish to believe that there is a life beyond this. Beyond us. Why would energy ever want to escape when it has it so good living inside all of us?

I feed it Doritos and drink wine every Thursday. We eat burritos together and watch rom-com movies on the weekend. The energy inside me and I are best friends. It belongs to me. I own it.

Well, if you own it… Then why are you so scared of Sky King reclaiming what’s borrowed?  

This is where it becomes confusing. Is your soul truly yours or are you just borrowing it? Your body and mind tell you that you own it, yet the nice man on Sunday mornings tells you that it belongs to someone else.

We, humans, are a selfish breed, so we believe both.

Both? Yes. A concept so easy that it’s ingrained in us. We don’t even second guess the separation. It’s MY soul. I must protect it. Preserve it. Keep it clean and nice so I can return it to the Lord. He won’t want it if it’s tarnished. Used. Tainted and torn. No. It must be pure. So I can return it.

You can not own a soul that you believe is borrowed. Just as you can not despise death and love life.

However, you can GIVE the soul you own to the King who lives above the clouds. But why would you want to do a dumb thing like that? Oh, right. So you can play cards with your Grandpa.

Personally, I don’t know what happens after we die. None of us do. However, I do know that while we are alive we can create memorable moments with loved ones. We can order pizza and watch dumb movies with friends. We can have conversations that cause long debates into the dead of night and share laughter into the early morning.

That way when death comes from us, we will be able to greet him as we do life every morning...with a smile.

I know that I may not physically live forever, but memories of my time on Earth will. A legacy of friendship, love, and pizza.

“Death my old friend, what took you so long? Is Prince playing tonight? I’m just fucking with ya, where we headed?”